April 2011 - Billie Ann Porter


April 2011 - Billie Ann Porter

Birthday: Muscatine, Iowa

Months/Years doing CrossFit: 15 months

Favorite WOD: Fran

Least Favorite WOD: Anything with 'Wall Balls'

Favorite Movie: Kate and Leopold

Favorite Food: Sushi

Best Fitness Tip/Advice: Use the motivation and accountability of the class structure, but do not try to keep up with every. Compete against yourself to accomplish your goals.

Strongest attribute: "Determination"

Weakest attribute (needs improvement): "Attitude"

Best life advice/quote: ""Sometimes the best reason NOT to do something is because everyone else is doing it" ~ My Mom

Weight loss or performance goals and progress: Goal: 135#  Start Weight: 148# Currently at 140#

New goals since starting CrossFit: Learn how to cook :) ... Eat better and get a muscle up!

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Profession: Personal Trust Officer

Children: NONE