April 26 - CrossFit Estero

Food: Swordfish steak covered in a lemon burre blanc sauce and topped with some brocclini and bacon.  Get creative with your dishes and experiment.  Learn some basic reduction sauces. I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.  This can take your meals to a whole new level and it is SUPER easy!!!

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Elite members WOD:

Body Temp Warmup: 3 Minutes

250m Row -250m Run - 150 Jump Rope skips

Dynamic Range of Motion: 6-8 Minutes

Coach's Choice

Strength: 10 Minutes

5/3/1 – PR WEEK - Back Squat OR Bench Or Shoulder Press

Skill: 8 Minutes

Skill 1: Perform Max Rep Muscle ups *Or Push-ups, Or Ring-dips if you don't have MU's

Skill 2: 5 sets of 3 strict Chin-ups

CFG Advanced: 5sets of 5 chin ups + MU sets

Conditioning: ~20 minutes

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 Deadlift #225/#165

1 Rope climb

400m Run

CFG Advanced: Deadlift #295

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