April 5 - CrossFit Estero

Food: Tip for eating out: DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR PROTEIN! It is that simple.  This is from Pita Pit.  I got the Gyro pita and made it into a salad on spinach greens, peppers and some feta cheese.  Oil/vinegar sauce and Triple meat.  Was quite tasty and didn't feel like crap afterwards.  The kids working looked at me like i was crazy.  One commented that I need to go work out now and burn it off.  So misunderstood.  It's heartbreaking the misinformation that is still widespread knowledge.  You want to make an eating plan as simple as possible?  Eat animal protein.  Simple as that.  If it aint animal meat or veggies don't eat it.  That is so easy yet so many screw it up or look so confused when I tell them that.  Forget fruit.  Forget nuts. Make it simple. Meat and veggies.  This isn't my standard recommendation but it serves the purpose of showing you what the bulk of your diet should be.  If you laid out on a table an entire month of eating a clean paleo diet of a hunter gatherer in the wild It would be something like this:  25-30 pounds of meat, 1 or 2ish pound of leafy greens, 2-3 small pieces of fruit or a handful or 2 of berries(depending on season), a handful of various nuts (Yes a handful) and a couple pounds of a natural starch like yams.  This is what a hunter gather diet would look like of an entire month.  Divide that by 30 and you have 1 pound of meat, a few pieces of nuts and fruit and small portions of leafy greens.  This is what your diet should look like.  And I say eliminate fruit for most of you.  Nuts should be a treat.  Yams should be your standard starch choice and is by no means necessary.  Summary of all this?  Tons of high quality meat.  You really can't go wrong eating copious amounts of meat and fish.  When I say meat I also mean any seafood.  Wild caught seafood is something that more of you should be adding to your diets.  There are even some good canned tuna and fatty fish like sardines/kippers that are loaded with omega 3s.

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1. Follow this link to sing up: CLICK HERE You must sign up to get a spot in a class. Burpees if you forget. And as classes fill up you may be denied access if class is already full.

2. You must have this PRINTED or WRITTEN DOWN in your comp book: DOWNLOAD AND PRINT 5/3/1 spreadssheet = DOWNLOAD THIS! <---input 90% of your 1 rep max into the Max fields

3. You must bring a WOD book or COMP book to record your numbers and to have your %'s for your lifts. 20 Burpees for forgetting

Elite members WOD:

Body Temp Warmup: 3 Minutes

250m Row -250m Run - 150 Jump Rope skips

Dynamic Range of Motion: 6-8 Minutes

Coach's Choice

Strength: 10 Minutes

5/3/1 - Squat - Month 2 - week 2

This weeks percentages:

80% x 3 reps

85% x 3 reps

90% x 3 reps - Max reps

Skill: @ 60% Pace

AMRAP in 8 minutes of:





*rest enough to avoid pushing past 60%. make all reps super solid strict form

CFG Advanced 80%: GO @ 80%

Conditioning: ~20 minutes

Hell Mile:

400m Farmer Walk #40/#25

400m run with Medball #20/#16

400m run with Bumper plate #45/#25

400m walk with Loaded bar on back #95/#65

CFG Advanced: 135# bar on back.

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March 2011 - Jake Hansen

Jake was one of our first clients. He has been coming religiously since October 2009. You will not find anyone more consistent with their fitness. Great work and thank you for being apart of our community!

Birthday: 07/17/80 - Naples, FL

Months/Years doing CrossFit: 1.5 years. "However long gym has been open"

Favorite WOD: Grace

Least Favorite WOD: "Bruce all mighty"

Favorite Movie: The Hangover <---Didnt have to change this one. Adam's (below) favorite as well.

Favorite Food: Beef

Best Fitness Tip/Advice: "Stay positive" "Eat right"

Strongest attribute: "Motivation"

Weakest attribute (needs improvement): "Double Unders"

Best life advice/quote: "Rx or go home!"

Weight loss or performance goals and progress: "Get better times on WOD's"

New goals since starting CrossFit: "Become Stronger"

Favorite Lift: Squat Clean

Profession: Owner of Appraisal co. and Realtor

Children: Travis <----Gym Box jump record