August 18 - CrossFit Estero

Food: Eggs with some almond butter and salsa.  Endives with a slice of orange and some mozarella cheese.

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Elite members WOD:

Body Temp Warmup:

250m Row -250m Run - 150 Jump Rope skips

Dynamic Range of Motion:

Coach's Choice


Bench Press - Find a 1 rep max


Choose a skill


For Time:

10 Handstand push-ups 20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball to 10' target 30 Toes-to-bar 40 Power cleans, 135 pounds 50 Burpees 60 Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75/55

*Coach's note: 

Post time to comments

"The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt."

-Max Lerner

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