Feb 10 - CrossFit Estero

Everyone should know how to make this basic meal.  The sweet potatoes go like this: Peel, chop up, boil until softer but not completely crumbly soft.  Heat up cast iron skillet over med temp and sweat the garlic strips in some butter and salt/pepper for few minutes before adding the drained sweet potatoes. Cook through and get creative with seasons...test doneness with a fork

News: Paleo Challenge! Get those before/after pics in to us!..Sign up at the gym or via this link

Elite members WOD:


Narrow Grip slight incline Bench Press - Build to a medium load about a 70% then perform sets of 6 with assistance until failure


Narrow grip slight incline bench press - same as above

Slight decline dumbbell presses - work up to heaviest set of 5


One Arm push up - use fingers out wide for assist if you don't have them, work towards a solid set of 3 per arm. Then complete 3 sets of 3 per arm

Advanced: One arm pushup on fingers only support



For time: 150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball


Complete WOD, rest 5 minutes, then

do some heavy 50m farmer carries


Jog 250m

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