Feb 11 - CrossFit Estero

Whole chicken from costco organic for about 25$ for 2...awesome deal.  Save the bones after you carve all the meat to make homemade stocks.

Elite members WOD:


Power Clean -  Find new 1 rep max


Power Clean - same as above

Squat snatch - set a new 1 rep if you feel fresh enough or work on perfect technique at 60%


Squat Snatch - Start with bar and build to medium weight. Sets of 1

Advanced: Handstand on rings - holds or pushups


Team WOD, Groups of 2:


Team must carry a loaded barbell together anyway possible for 400m...if touches ground team earns 25 burpees.  2 males 135#, 1 male/female 115#, 2 female, 95#

Team ties 1 leg together for a 3 legged Farmer walk 400m...If weight touches ground team earns 25 burpees.  Male weight 40#, Female 30#.  Only outside arm loaded, 1 weight per person

Team completes wheelbarrow walk with each teammate for 50m

Team completes all burpees per person...Time after all burpees completed


Wrist and ankle mobility work

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