Feb 15 - CrossFit Estero

Side frozen mixed vegetables. Sous vide cooked flank steak..thinly sliced.  So delicious...Simple but effective

News: Paleo Challenge DAY 1.  Still taking sign-ups.  Get those sign ups in people!!!!!

Elite members WOD:


Push Press - Sets of 3 as long as the weight is manageable to return to rack positon.  When weight is heavier work towards single reps and dumping weight from overhead.  Use spotter to assist returning weight to rack.

1 set of max time hold locked out overhead @ bodyweight


Same as above

2 sets of your 1rep on the jerk max hold overhead...use a spotter or safety squat pins to get weight overhead if necessary


Handstand walk race: Race one other person for distance in the handstand walk

Advanced: Clapping Handstand Push ups


Class Votes on which movement gets which of the following reps 25, 15, 10, 5. Must use each number once.

Do 5 Rounds for time at chosen reps of:

Burpee Box Jump

Weighted Walking Lunge *hold weight used for Kettlebell swing *Reps Per leg count

One arm Kettlebell Swing *Switch every arm #40/#30

Med Ball Granny Toss - Must reach 10 FT overhead and must catch on way down to count #20/#16

Advanced: Above WOD then rest 5 minutes before: Set a 40 yard dash time...3 tries


Max time bar hangs - 2 reps

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