Feb 17 - CrossFit Estero

Quick tip for soups/stews or any recipe which includes an aromatic.  Always take ample time to sweat aromatics IE garlic/onion..Do not rush the process!!  The better flavor you will achieve by being patient!

News: Paleo Challenge DAY 3. Still taking sign-ups. Get those sign ups in people!!!!!  SIGN UPS CLOSE DAY 5!

Elite members WOD:


Snatch Grip Deadlift on a 45# plate - Build to 75% of regular DL 1repmax and perform sets 5 sets of 5 with rest between - Goal is not to failure just quality lifts


Same as above

5 Strict Pullups between sets of DL


One arm pullup: Assist at wrist or side of pullup bar. Or tie rope to dumbbell and hang over bar and use as grip for opposite hand...lighter the dumbbell the less assistance.

Advanced: Get a unassisted one arm pullup!


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Strict Pull to inverted hang *full hang underneath rings, pull to invert and then return = 1 rep *Ladies can swing or kip

6 Burpee Pull-ups

7 Clapping Push-up

8 GHD Situp

9 Air Squat

Advanced: Above WOD then rest 5 minutes before:

Load Olympic bar with 95# and perform 20 squat snatches - goal is perfect form and no time element


Static stretching on mat - HIPS, Groin, Quads/Glutes

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