Feb 2 - CrossFit Estero

Grilled eggplant.  Pan fried pork medallions with a mushroom/red wine pan sauce

Elite members WOD:


Bench Press - 5 sets of 5 at a medium weight. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Do not go to failure.


Bench Press - Same as above

Strict Muscle up - Work to a strict max rep set.  Lots of rest between if performing multiple sets


Muscle up - Go for a muscle up PR or get your first muscle up!

Advanced: Inverted Muscle up


For time: 20 inch Box jump, 50 reps Rope climb, 5 ascents 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 50 reps *1 pood female 50 sit-ups 40 pound dumbbell Hang power clean, 50 reps *25# female 800 meter Run 50 Back extensions

Advanced -

Above WOD times: Josh Everett 12:30, Matt Chan 13:55, Kevin Montoya 14:48.


400m light job holding a 40#/30# kettlebell Anyway possible

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