Feb 22 - CrossFit Estero

Update Important: Make sure you bring a WOD book, Compostion book, or piece of paper to record your numbers Tomorrow. I will be teaching classes in PM (Colin) and will hand out Burpees for those who forgot!  It is going to be required to bring some form of record keeping in for every class....We can store record books at gym also if you prefer.  WOD books for sale in gym for 20$...super legit with a million pages and metrics...check one out in office...

Food: Some Marrow bones from my recent order from Slankers Grass-Fed farm.  Check out how to make stock from bones from HERE. This is one of those kithen things you should def spend the time to do.  I made 5 quarts in a full  crock pot last night of some meaty neck bones from the same order as above.  I took my completed product and used 1-1/2 cup of the stock and 3/4 cup organic red wine and reduced down with shallots.  Once reduced by half, or a little more depending on how thick you want, whisk in cold butter to form emulsion.  Taste and adjust seasoning.  I can tell you without a doubt that my sauce was so so freaking good because of the stock.  It adds that full mouth filling flavor..like restaurant quality flavor.  Maybe even better than restaurant quality.  I finished the sauce with some fresh lemon zest...which is a awesome trick for sauces and soups btw...and it was one of the best sauces i've ever made. Of course its because of the awesome stock.  Crappy store bought stocks or broths st8 up suck.  And if you need to buy from store always go with a stock.  Stocks are typically made from bones and have more flavor while broths are made from just the meat.  Broths are more like a flavored water while a stock is an actual cooking liquid...

News: Paleo Challenge DAY 7. Get ripped!!!!! Stay away from sugar, milk, white carbs, bread products, candy, most dairy, ice cream, cake...you guys know what to do..you just HAVE TO DO IT!!

News: I'm going to leave up my post from Monday for a few days to make sure everyone reads...So if you read Monday don't read as this is a repeat.

WARNING LONG!! News 2: This week is PR week. The entire gym is going on a strict strength template and we need very accurate PR's to kick things off properly! We will also be focusing on a speicifc area of WOD modalities every 4 weeks that emphasize improvement in that specific area...such as Gymnastics, Weight-lifting or OLY lifting, Strongman, Endurance, etc...What this means in a nutshell is every month we will have a new "Theme" to our WOD's and Skill that will largely consist of a specific area we are trying to improve. We will still include various XFit benchmark WOD's throughout. Friday's will officially be group/partner WOD every week. Saturdays will be Class Vote Every week.

We will take a vote at the end of every 4 week cycle on which modality we will choose for the upcoming month. Starting next week Monday the 28th of Feb we will officially start a strict 5/3/1 Wendler program which is what our current strength is loosely based on. The difference is going to be an exact following of the template and accurate records for every client of their numbers and percentages tracked every week. We have WOD books for sale in the office for 20$. They are legit and I highly recommend them. Take a gander. Or you can use something like Whiteboard.com or just a standard composition book. But we will start requiring all clients track their numbers every workout. This is not going to be optional.

We are also starting a CrossFit Games Regimen designed for competing in CrossFit competitions. This will include an additional WOD after the class WOD. It will have it's own periodzation program and is only recommended for advanced athletes that are trying to compete in a Games type setting. Note that more WOD's and more metabolic work will come but at the cost of strength and hypertrophy, AKA you will lose some maximal strength possibly and/or size in exchange for better performance in WOD based settings. You are also walking the tight rope of rest and recovery and proper diet/stress etc. If you don't have these things in check then it is not recommended you try the program. The 4 core athletes to start the program are Tim Davis, Jeff "Oak" Ballou, Bruce "Almighty" Bayton, Jonas "Nickname pending" Elliott. Notice these guys are the upper tier of CrossFit performance and all have somewhat strict diets and are motivated to the teeth. I recommend some of you try some of the WOD's here and there or for a week or 2 at a time and see how you like it/makes you feel. But you must discuss with us if you wish to follow completely as it is our job to make sure you guys don't kill yourselves...and I mean literally...wasting away from over-training is killing yourself...you can exercise yourself to an early grave...something I want you to all keep in mind!

With all that said I want you cover a couple points regarding CrossFit Estero's own programming. Our program is a strength-bias. Similar to Michael Rutherford’s Max Effort Black Box and Jeff Martin’s Strength Bias programs. The goal of those and our program is to maintain an elite level of fitness while also staying in the upper tier of strength ability. The trait most lacking in CrossFitter's and the mainsite programming is a lack of strength. Extensive research has been done by myself and numerous other in the CrossFit community regarding this style of programming. It is simply the most effective general fitness program for the LARGE majority of the CrossFit community. I remember hearing Dave Tate (owner EliteFTS.com, powerlifting expert) say that the maximal strength improvement is THE ONLY single element that increases all other areas of fitness. Bascially that is the best simple explanation of why we utilize a strength bias. It makes stronger and fitter athletes than traditional WOD-only type programs. I wanted to touch on is the fact that if your goals are different or you want to specialize then that is exactly what you must do. Self-study, question us, tweak, test and figure out what you can change, do more or do less of to reach your goals. The caveat to all this that until you are at least an athletic level of expert (75% compliance, sheet below) you shouldn't be worrying too much about specializing. You are going to reach leanness, strength, and performance all from simply working your ass off in the gym and from following proper lifestyle guidelines.

Which brings me to my next topic: Lifestyle! I can cite/quote at least 100 sources that all say the same thing: 70-80% of body composition is FOOD! For most people it is nearly impossible to 'out-exercise' poor diet choices; Some of the younger and stronger guys are capable of it, but they will be quite frustrated and disappointed as they age and things start to become harder to maintain. And keep in mind that we also want to think long term and of our health. It is not healthy to train at certain levels for the rest of your life. You want a program that is sustainable for the rest of your life. These are just a few of the numerous reasons of why FOOD/DIET is more important than anything when it comes to health/longevity/fitness/body-comp. I won't say much more than that for right now.

Stress: Depends on the person but High stress levels can be the equivalent of eating junk food daily. I can't cite off the top of my head but I read in an article that bouts of stress should be considered the same as eating a candy bar! Every time you freak out in traffic at that Ashole who cut you off? A 1/4 bite of a snickers bar! Why? Because of that nasty hormone Cortisol. It is a muscle-eating, insulin-spiking nasty ingredient in the body and elevated cortisol levels have regularly been linked to major plateaus for people as far as body comp goes, and don't forget the role of cortisol in almost every modern disease known to man. Stress sucks. PERIOD. Eliminate it. Breath. Learn some Yoga. Get a massage. Read up mindfulness and Buddhism. Train your mind just like you train your body.

Sleep: I'm going to tweak a quote from Robb Wolf that I absolutely love. He states in The Paleo Solution,"If you don't exercise you are broken." Which is perfect in it's own right but I'm going to tweak it for sleep: "If you don't sleep enough every night you are broken." Keep electronics out of room, and black out all lights. Room should be pitch black during the day with no sunlight or artificial light coming from anywhere. Check out my room

Click image for larger version.

Those are the sliders that face my patio....You can make yours prettier if you want I just don't giv a....I care more about functional than looks...

Supplements: 10k IU of Vitamin D a day + regular sunlight, Magnesium or ZMA supplement before bed, Proper Fish oil USE calculator here.

Rest: Off days, Rest Week <------ Which i know many of you need!

Intensity! I should see you guys on the ground after every wod. The last Rounds or reps at the end of a workout should be the hardest and fastest!!!! Even if you went Medium pace during the wod you should be KILLLING it at the end. I feel too many of you become comfortable with the "Medium Pace" and get into a flow/routine. This is a surefire route to stagnation! The first thing to do is start going as hard and fast as possible at the end of WOD's. That will get you to that threshold of intensity and get you better results! Remember to still keep perfect form and safety on all movements...Next topic FORM!

Form: Last but not even close to least: FORM on movements and NO-Rep counting. I am cracking down on form. I am cracking down on NO-REP. IF you are told NO-REP you lose that rep. That rep never happend. It doesnt count. You do it again or do not move on. Understand? I have instructed coaches to get in your face and count NOREP over and Over and OVER until you get it. And once you get it and the coach moves on...you will earn 5 Burpees per missed movement should the coach have to come back! This is how we are going to improve everyone's form and thus their fitness and thus their looks. This is our job. We are there to coach you and not just motivate. Anyone can cheerlead..not everyone can coach.

Links:Read on Burnout, Paleo Solution Podcast

Elite members WOD:

Body Temp Warmup: 5 Minutes

250m Row -250m Run - 150 Jump Rope skips

Dynamic Range of Motion: 8 Minutes

Strength: 15 Minutes

Find 1 rep in the Shoulder Press. Rest adequate between efforts to guarantee you get the lift. Make sure you grab all your favorite people in the gym and instruct them to yell and scream at you on every attempt. That can be the difference between a new PR or a pathetically missed lift...

Skill: 0 Minutes

Do part 1 of WOD with PERFECT FORM

Conditioning: 30-35 Minutes

Part 1: Complete the following NOT FOR TIME.  Work on controlled PERFECT form in any order but complete all reps.  Have 8 Minutes to complete.  Do not complete more than 5 reps at a time before resting.  Goal is NOT FAILURE. Goal is to reduce lactic build up as much as possible.  Try to save as much in the tank as possible while still doing the movements solid.

15x Overhead Squat with PVC

15x Kipping Pull-ups

15x Kick to handstand

15x Skin the Cat

15x Ring Dip

2x L-Sit hold Max Time *male rings, female tuck rings or parrallettes

2x Max Frog stand hold

Rest 5 Minutes - light mobility and dynamic to loosen up for Part 2

Part 2:

For Time:

400m Run

20x Dumbbell Snatch  *Switch each arm - 10per arm

20x Unbroken One arm Dumbbell Thruster *Use same Dumbbell from snatch *any arm but must stay with arm to complete unbroken reps

400m Run

15x Dumbbell Snatch

15x Unbroken One arm Dumbbell Thruster


10x Dumbbell Snatch

10x Unbroken One arm Dumbbell Thruster


5x Dumbbell Snatch

5x Unbroken One arm Dumbbell Thruster

Yell TIME!

*Male Weight classes 50/40/35

*Female Weight class 35/30/25

5 Burpee mentality for dropping DB or losing grip on ALL movements

*Unbroken = no rest until done with reps

Cooldown: 2 minutes

Bar Hang - 2 max holds full hang from bar

Post time to comments

Save these to your computer for reference.  Pick some goals.  We are trying to achieve Elite Fitness!!!