Feb 4 - CrossFit Estero

Chicken breast and pan seared scallops in a bur blanc sauce

Elite members WOD:


Power Clean and Jerk - Set a new 1 rep max


Squat Snatch - Set a new 1 rep max

Power C/J - Set a new 1 rep if you feel fresh enough or just set a Jerk 1 rep


Turkish Get up - Try to complete heaviest rep with proper form

Advanced: Do with 95# loaded barbell


Team WOD. Grab a partner:

Round 1:

Person A: 50m Walking Lunge...there and back

Person B: Handstand hold on wall...each drop before A returns earns 5 burpees


Round 2:

Person A: Row 500m

Persona B: Bottom-to-bottom squats - resting positon is at bottom of squat...5 burpees for resting anyway other than the bottom of the squat..Either rep or hold the bottom


Round 3:

Person A: Plank hold

Person B: 400m run with a plate #45/#25


Then complete all burpees for group...counting each persons burpees towards total...not burpee per person


Foam roll

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