Feb 5 - CrossFit Estero

25$ deep fryer from target.  Sweet potato fries and coconut oil/beef/pork fat.  Worth the effort...sooo worth the effort

News: Paleo Challenge pushed back to Feb 10....We need you guys to sign up!!! All the CrossFit coaches are particptating. If you think you are too lean or whatever you are wrong...The Paleo challenge isnt about weight loss...it is about body composition.  Whoever shows the greatest physical transformation will win.  That could mean gaining 10 pounds of muscle or losing 10 pounds of fat.  It is fun to track your progress and get over those plateaus that most of you are at.  Or if you have been putting off going full Paleo now is the time!

News: Sunday 3pm at Colin Stuckert's house for the Paleo Potluck...bring bathing suits and food.  I have guacamole duty for anyone who brings fresh avocados!  The official page is on facebook to rsvp...

Elite members WOD:


Back Squat - Build to 65% and perform 8 sets of 5 with little rest between sets


Back Squat - same as above with 75%


Pick a skill and work on not sucking at it

Advanced: Pick 2 skills and work at not sucking at them



Push Press  *Empty Bar

Box Jump

One Arm Kettlebell Swing  * Switch arm each round #35/#25



Foam roll + 2 bar hangs max time

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