Feb 8 - CrossFit Estero

Whole tenderloin from costco ~65$.  5-6 1.5-2inch fillets, and 2 roasts + cheesesteak meat.  Highly recommended.  Let me know if you are interested in buying one and Ill help with the butchering process.

News: Paleo Challenge pushed back to Feb 10....We need you guys to sign up!!! All the CrossFit coaches are participating. If you think you are too lean or whatever you are wrong...The Paleo challenge isnt about weight loss...it is about body composition. Whoever shows the greatest physical transformation will win. That could mean gaining 10 pounds of muscle or losing 10 pounds of fat. It is fun to track your progress and get over those plateaus that most of you are at. Or if you have been putting off going full Paleo now is the time!

Elite members WOD:


Front Squat - Build to 65% of Back squat 1RM and perform sets of 5 until you are close to failure


Front Squat - same as above with 75%

Squat broad jumps - Do a set of 3 between Front Squat sets and then after Front Squat with a set of max jumps to failure


Inverted Hang on rings - Work on perfect form and lowering into a skin the cat and pulling back to inverted hang

Advanced: Full ROM hang to inverted hang to tuck front and back levers to skin the cat


5 Rounds for time of:

8 Dumbbell Snatch #50/#35 *NO DROPPING weight. Hand must stay connected to weight for all 8 reps...15 burpees for each release

2 rope climbs

500m Run

8 Squat jumps to tennis ball - Start standing then squat and jump from squat position to touch a tennis ball aprox 1 foot over max reach.


DO above wod then rest 5 minutes and complete NOT FOR TIME:

5 sets of 3 Handstand Push up with Toes to wall..Narrow hand position, same hand position on a standard pushup

5 sets of 1 Strict muscle up to support hold - hold support for 30 seconds then complete the negative down to a hang under rings.  Rest between sets


Straddle band stretch with a partner, Hip flexor and groin stretches

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