February 2011 - Adam Tar


Feburary 2011 - Adam Tar

Adam's results speak for themselves.  But I will still speak of them!  He has a 415 deadlift and long legs....Understand?  Strong and motivated.  Hasn't taken a rest week since he started...we are still working on that one.  CrossFit is a program for people like Adam.  Show up, work hard, eat, sleep, recover, and REAP THE BENEFITS!  Adam is a walking billboard for us!  Great work and thank you for being apart of our community!

Birthday: 04/23/88 - Meadville, PA

Months/Years doing CrossFit: 4.5 months

Favorite WOD: Helen

Least Favorite WOD: Tabata

Favorite Movie: The Hangover

Favorite Food: Oven Roasted Whole Chicken

Best Fitness Tip/Advice: "The harder you push yourself, the better your results will be.  You really have to want it!"

Strongest attribute: "The Drive to never give up!"

Weakest attribute (needs improvement): "Taking a week off when needed/Rowing/Muscle ups"

Best life advice/quote: "To get real results don't cheat/lie to yourself, and always bug the trainers to help better yourself!"

Weight loss or performance goals and progress: "To be as lean and shredded as possible.  Progress show visually, and in my PR's and WOD times, but, I won't be happy until I can be the best that I can be. 5% body fat lol."

New goals since starting CrossFit: "Completing Culinary school and living the healthiest life possible."

Favorite Lift: Deadlift/Bench

Profession: Manager of private practice physician offices

Children: None