Friday - August 10 - CrossFit Estero

Pan roastaed carrots and garlic and a huge grass-fed ribeye

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Elite WOD

Strength: 5 min EMOM 2x Muscle Ups

Skill: 5 min Wall Walk Work

Conditioning: 15 min AMRAP: 3-6-9-12-15-18...  Power Clean (RTG: 155/110, Vet:135/90, RX:100/65), Box Jump (24/18), T2B/R

Basic WOD

Skill: Squat Snatch - Build to Medium weight with perfect form in groups and perform sets of 1 at a time

Skill 2:  NA

Conditioning: 5 rounds for time of: 10 Thruster *45/55, 5 burpee box jump 

CrossFit Football WOD

Strength: Rest Day

Skill: Rest Day

Conditioning: Rest Day