Jan 11 - CrossFit Estero

All natural bacon, nitrate free, from Target,  Cast-iron skillet sweet potatoes (so amazing, Credit Sarah Stephens), 2 free range organic eggs fried, some kerry gold cheese on yokes.

Sometimes the simplest meals are the most satisfying.  I was all breakfasted out (sick of) with eggs/bacon type meals for so long that I hadn't realized how under-appreciated I was of these simple and standard food choices.  I remember a top chef - forget which one - said that one of the most important skills of any great chef is how to properly flip an eggg or cook and flip an egg? Either way I think the point is the greatest chefs can make the most insanely awesome meals with the simplest ingredients.  Julia Child was a big proponent of simple, If i recall.  Make a point to learn the basics of cooking and Master them.  Fry an egg, Fry some bacon, cook a starch, use some salt/pepper effectively....you will really surprise yourself.

Elite members WOD:


Bench Press - Build to 85% and 3 or 4 sets of 7 reps.


Learn movements for WOD


7 Rounds for time Of:

4 Skin the cat

5 Ring dips

4 Pull to inverted Hang *hang from rings and pull body to a complete inverted hand then lower back to hang..that is 1 rep

3 Handstand Pushup *Females use Box for feet

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