Jan 12 - CrossFit Estero

Organic sour cream, kerry gold cheese, an organic lime.  Pork chili without beans, from the book "Good Meat."  The simplicity of this dish surprised me when I sat down to take a bite.  I've made many stews and chilis at the start of my cooking career and they tend to come out tasting quite similar, and often times, boring.  BUT this dish utilized cumin, cayenne, and a few other ingredients to add a very distinct flavor profile that ended up giving me a stomach ache from consuming 2 bowls in succession, too quickly.  It was quite yummy.   Few things to take note of here: Number 1: Eat slow.  This will prevent a large glucose spike.  This is also a easy way to keep total calories and macro nutrients in check.  You will get full much faster and avoid that sick 'overeat' feeling in the gut. Number 2 is to keep a full pantry of all the standard spices and herbs.  Use google and update your kitchen.  Also experiment with freezing fresh herbs.  It can really make a difference between eating and really enjoying and appreciating food.

Elite members WOD:


Deadlift - Build to 85% and 3 or 4 sets of 7 reps.


Learn movements for WOD


For Time:

Row 500m 50 Barbell Overhead Press *push or jerk, anyway overhead Row 400m 40 Air Squats Row 300m 30 Barbell Overhead Press Row 200m 20 Air Squats Row 100m 1o Barbell Overhead Press

*Males 75#, Femaels 45# use empty male bar

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