Jan 17 - CrossFit Estero

Braised lamb shanks

Elite members WOD:


Bench Press - Build to 70% and perform 5 sets of 5-7 reps

Advanced Strength:

Bench Press - Build to 70% and perform 5 sets of 5-7 reps

Ring Fly 8/8/8

Muscle up to bar and perform 3 bar dips on top of pullup bar.  10 sets. Rest 10 sec between set


Ring Muscle up - Use box or jump or kip

Advanced Skill: Skin the cat...work on flexibility.  Goal is feet and knees tucked to chest in shoulder dislocate position



30 Clean and Jerk, 135#/95#

Advanced: If Grace is over 3 minutes: row 2k at a moderate pace and be mad at yourself the entire time!


Foam roll

PVC dislocates

Split/straddle streches on mat

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CrossFit Ballers....read this bottom pic....Last few sentences are golden

Boys and girls Listen.  Because of the desire by some of our advanced athletes to do more advanced work yet still compete in classes and enjoy the camaraderie and competition of classes, I have implemented an advanced section to the website.  Partaking in the advanced program must be ok'ed by a coach and you must meet specific requirements set forth by the gym.  We will come up with a specific requirements list soon, but in the mean time know that if you are not RX'ing EVERYTHING and crushing the times ALSO.  You are not ready for advanced work.

I wanna discuss volume and training a little also.  Many of you dedicated and die hard CrossFitters, especially those new to the game, have yet to experience some of the nasty side effects of over training.  Depression, sickness, sleeplessness, stress, anger, muscle loss, performance loss, etc.  I recently became sick myself as a result of not taking a rest week in months.  Typically, any serious strength program recommends a deload or complete rest week every 4 weeks.  I know many of you have not and couldn't imagine  a week off. But if your times are lagging and if your recovery is slowed you should strongly consider it.  As long as the diet is kept in check you will do nothing but get stronger and fitter in the downtime spent being a lazy piece of sh*t.  It is one of the benefits of training as hard as we do.  We definitely get to enjoy our down time and do nothing. As par with our ancestral past, it is part of our genetic makeup to lay around and do nothing at times; it is healthy.

At our Box we are big fans of sustainability and general overall health.  It is not healthy to train 5 days a week with a ton of volume to boot.  It is not sustainable and over time will create a decline in your fitness.  I implore you to be smart about your schedule and your programming.  We have programs for specific programming available if you want a specific program designed for you.  For 99.99% of you, the general WOD programming will get you to your goals. After that the newly implemented advanced program will get you to the next tier of your genetic potential.  To coincidence with the advanced program I HIGHLY recommend a strict sleep/stress/diet program.  The human body will simply not sustain it without proper fuel and lifestyle variables.  We don't want to be akin to the long distance athletes who often show huge risk for heart disease and other health issues from over training and the stressful state they love to train in on a regular basis.  CrossFit is still aimed at being healthy and sustainable at The Training Box. Thank you all for being part of such a great community!  No egos, or attitudes here. Just good people!!

Live long and prosper and crush PRs!!

-Colin Stuckert