Jan 25 - CrossFit Estero

Sous Vide Salmon with some sea salt and ground black pepper.  Boiled then pan fried in butter red potatoes...havent had a white starch in a really long time...they were soooo freaking good.  Every once and awhile people.....remember that potatoes are still paleo...for the most part...but they do mess up your insulin levels and that is why they are only a treat every so often.

Elite members WOD:


Bench Press - Find a new 1 rep max


Bench Press - find a new 1 rep max

One Arm Pushups  - 10/10/10 PER ARM


Forward Roll

Advanced: Forward roll, Backward roll into a handstand, handstand into backward roll


Complete for time  in any order broken any way you wish:

1 Mile run

200 Air Squats

100 Kettlebell Swings #35/#25

75 GHD Situps

50 Wall Ball

25 Handstand Push ups or 75 Push ups

*reps can partitioned anyway, for example you can complete 50 squats then move on to another movement..keep track on board what you have completed


Do above wod with a 20# vest


Foam roll and stretch

PVC dislocates

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