Jan 26 - CrossFit Estero

Sous Vide pork chops with mashed parsnips in a bur blanc butter sauce.  Check out http://www.sousvidesupreme.com.  That is the machine I bought and have used every night for all my proteins.  It is an expensive peice of equipment but sooo worth it.  You can drop cheap cuts of steak and cook them overnight to make the most tender juicy steak you have ever had.  Same with a roast or pork shoulder.  Chicken is amazing btw.  You simply cannot have chicken the same way in any other cooking method other than Sous Vide...pronounced Soe-Veed

Elite members WOD:


Shoulder Press - Find a new 1 rep max

Split jerk - Find a new 1 rep max *from rack


Crush above PR's


Balance on Toes: Found here : Stand on one foot, eyes closed, hands clasped overhead. The record among U.S. Naval Aviator trainees in 1944 was 49 seconds. How well can you do?

Advanced: Balance on toes and snatch balance


21-15-9 reps of:

Dumbbell Clean to thruster

Inverted Burpee

*Dumbbell Classes

Male 30/40/50

Female 10/20/30


5 Sets of Skin the cat - max reps each set


Bar hangs - 2 sets of max time hold from pullup bar

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