Jan 27 - CrossFit Estero

Some organic ground turkey and side scrambled eggs.  A quick breakfast...and a small one.  I don't like eating breakfast.  Forever torn with the conventional 'standard' of breakfast being the most important meal of the deal and eating immediately upon waking to make sure you are in positive nitrogen balance and blablabla.  Years ago when I was eating the SAD (standard American diet), breakfast was typically a couple bowls of cinnamon toast crunch and skim milk...and I mean BIG 40oz bowls.  I could down half a box in 1 sitting!   When I was all Fked up metabolically, and my glucose and insulin levels were chronically raised, breakfast was just fine and almost necessary to not feel like I needed a nap an hour after waking.  Now that I am Paleo and a CrossFit Ninja, eating breakfast does not agree with me.  I typically feel sluggish and bloated after eating breakfast and have ZERO appetite after waking.  As my fasting and paleo education evolved I started skipping breakfast sometimes and continued to put myself through this torturous 'eating breakfast' routine for fear of my hard-earned muscle mass wasting away..as any bodybuilding magazine or guru would have you believe.   I toyed with IF (interment fasting) and would skip meals regularly but would still eat breakfast a few times a week.  Finally a happy ending to the story: One day I was browsing the interwebs I stumbled across this article on a blog I frequent titled "Why you shouldn't eat breakfast...Again".  After skimming through the post and seeing some studies cited I had already made up my mind...NO MORE BREAKFAST!  Yeahzies! The rest if history.  My new routine is to eat 3-5 hours after waking and this is either a small meal or my grand feast.  I have a grand cooking show feast once a day where I eat a good amount of food in and eat a small snack type meal before or after depending on the time of day.  I am not a slave to food. I eat when I want and could fast for 48 hours quite easily.  Are you a slave to breakfast?  Instead of some crap shake or bar or whatever else you workaholics are comsuming when running out the door I implore you to start eating NOTHING.  Try it out. It takes some time but you will be used to it and you will fall in love with it.  Remember that you must already be fasting when you can and already not snacking. Snacking will ruin this schedule because you will wake with a huge appetite every morning with those raised insulin levels.

Elite members WOD:


Back Squat- Find a new 1 rep max


Overhead Squat - Goal is 15 reps at bodyweight


Squat Snatch - Use pvc and empty bar

Advanced: Pick a gymnastic skill that you suck at and work on not sucking at it.


5 rounds for time of:

15x Stiff Leg Deadlift #135/#95

10x Toes to Bar

8x Ring Push up

6x One Leg Box jump Per leg *18inch/12inch


3 Sets of:

Ring support hold MAX

Handstand Ring hold MAX

Deep dip position hold MAX


Bar hangs - 2 sets of max time hold from pullup bar *Not optional!!!!

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