Jan 29 - CrossFit Estero

Learn to cook eggs and bacon.

Elite members WOD:


Back Squat 5 sets of 5 at a medium weight.  Rest 2 minutes between sets. Do not go to failure.


Back Squat - Same as above

Weighted Lunges - Work to heavy sets of 3 reps per leg - Work on perfect form and solid reps


Muscle Up - Work on low set of rings on strict form

Advanced: Free hang strict muscle ups.  Work to a set of 3 strict full hang muscle up reps. NO KIP or SWING


Set timer for 25 minutes and complete as many reps as possible:

Handstand Push up

Ring Pullup

Ring Dips

Skin the cat

Rope climb = 3 points,  NO leg rope climb = 6 points

*Score is total reps. Keep a running tally


Finish with a few 50m sprints.  Rest adequate in between


a few 50m sled drags there and back

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Josh Gibson

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