January 19 - CrossFit Estero

Food: Diced flank, steamed broccoli, and some homemade mozarella

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Elite members WOD:

Body Temp Warmup:

250m Row -250m Run - 150 Jump Rope skips

Dynamic Range of Motion:

Med-ball cleans in warmup


Clean: Every min for 5 min: 3 squat cleans Every min for 5 min: 2 squat cleans Every min for 5 min: 1 squat clean

**Start with a very light bar, add weight each round. First 5 minutes are entirely a warm-up; start to get heavier for the last ten.


AMRAP 12 minutes: 3 Tire flips 150 m sprint (dumpster and back)

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CrossFit Football with Jeremy Howard @ 7pm Monday-Thursday

Strength: 6 min EMOM 3x Power Cleans @ 70%

Skill: 4x 20m Band Back pedals

WOD: 3x 3 min AMRAP with 30 sec between AMRAPs: 9 KB Swings (VET: 70/53, RX: 53/40), 7 Wallball (20/16), 5 HSPU

"You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, you own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy."

-Arthur Ashe