March 2 - CrossFit Estero

News: Paleo Challenge DAY 14. Get ripped!!!!! It's the Paleo challenge...why are you still eating crap? Get strict people!

Food: Lamb patties.  I use a ramekin about 3 inches across and oil inside a bit.  Pack patty in and form around with hands until solid and packed in.  Take knife and take along edges to help loosen and get formed patty out.  Makes those perfectly shaped restaurant style patties.  The pan used is a 30$ lodge cast iron skillet.  Absolutely no reason that you do not own one of these.  So versatile and cheap and will last your entire life and maybe longer...

Update Important: Make sure you bring a WOD book, Compostion book, or piece of paper to record your numbers every class.

Update Important: DOWNLOAD AND PRINT 5/3/1 spreadssheet = DOWNLOAD THIS! <---input 90% of your 1 rep max into the Max fields


Now that I have your attention...We are going on a strict 5/3/1 tempelate from Wendler's 5/3/1 program. That is why it was soo important to get our 1 reps last week. The entire program is based strictly on the 1 rep max. Get the 5/3/1 sheet below:

DOWNLOAD THIS! <----This is a 5/3/1 spreadsheet that automatically computes all of your percentages for an entire month. Simply input your 1 reps into the respective fields and then PRINT. We can also print these out at box if necessary but Not in middle of class and you NEED THESE for classes. That is why you absolutely need to bring a journal of some sort and to have this staples inside of it. Everyone is going to be at different weights.

A few new changes to our programming as follows:

-Warm-ups will be capped at 3 minutes...Row/Run/or Jump in alloted time.

-Dynamic Warm-ups will be cycled between 5-6 to keep you fresh and to improve your skills

-Skill is now a NOT FOR TIME 8-10 minute window of various modalities. Remember that our goal is PERFECT FORM and to improve the skill of strength. Gymnastics are strongest pound-for-pound athletes in world but that is not necessarily because they have the most muscle mass. They have the greatest skill in body control and muscle control. Many of you are strong as oxen, but lack control to utilize your muscle in movements that you are not practiced in. This is what the SKILL session is for. It will also help to build joint/connector strength and flexability. Which will result in better improvement in metabolic adaptation, better overall muscular development, and better looking naked. This is the opposite of the WOD. The wod is for metabolic conditioning - moving more weight faster -for muscular endurance and development in the 3 metabolic pathways. The skill is for muscular skill development. Not done in a fast way or a maximal way. But done in an exact way. A perfect way. Hopefully that gets the point across as to what we are trying to achieve. And very important = avoid lactic build up/the burn. We don't want to push towards failure or even close to it. Rest adequate between all efforts to make sure.

Links: Vitamin D, Good read on Vitamin D,<----Great blog with a ton of good posts Heston Blumnthal's Chocolate Mousse <----This is what Ive been raving about. So easy and should be a staple in the fridge....great in sweet tooth emergencies!

Elite members WOD:

Body Temp Warmup: 3 Minutes

250m Row -250m Run - 150 Jump Rope skips

Dynamic Range of Motion: 6-8 Minutes

Berginer Warm-up - 2 rounds of 4 reps

Strength: 15 - 20 Minutes

Bench or Shoulder Press. *Pick one.  IF you haven't squatted yet add Squat also.

Build up to your percentage for lift and perform 1 max rep set..utilize a spotter. Use the 5/3/1 sheet

Use the 5/3/1 sheet for percentages OR takw 90% of your 1 rep max and do the following math here:

65% x 5 reps Warm-up

75% x 5 reps Warm-up

85% x Max reps

Skill: 8 Minutes

Not For Time: Complete as many rounds in 8 minutes at a slow pace PERFECT FORM:

1x 50m Farmer walk  *medium weight...should not hit failure on any 50m

1x 50m lateral shuffle

5x Tire plyo jumps

1x 50m bear crawl

CFG Advanced: Not for time: 8 Minute Time: Rest between efforts and go slow.

Do above skill +

2 One-arm Push-up per arm

2 One-arm pull-up assist per arm

Conditioning: 15 Minutes

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

1 Rope climb

5 Burpee to Vertical *Touch tennis ball or height on wall.

15 Kettlebell Swings #40/#30

CFG Advanced: WOD= 2 rope climbs and 50# kettlebell

Post time to comments

Cooldown: 2 minutes

800m jog - slow-med pace

CFG Advanced:

1 mile jog - try to make it a 10 minute + mile

Feburary 2011 - Adam Tar

Adam's results speak for themselves. But I will still speak of them! He has a 415 deadlift and long legs....Understand? Strong and motivated. Hasn't taken a rest week since he started...we are still working on that one. CrossFit is a program for people like Adam. Show up, work hard, eat, sleep, recover, and REAP THE BENEFITS! Adam is a walking billboard for us! Great work and thank you for being apart of our community!

Birthday: 04/23/88 - Meadville, PA

Months/Years doing CrossFit: 4.5 months

Favorite WOD: Helen

Least Favorite WOD: Tabata

Favorite Movie: The Hangover

Favorite Food: Oven Roasted Whole Chicken

Best Fitness Tip/Advice: "The harder you push yourself, the better your results will be. You really have to want it!"

Strongest attribute: "The Drive to never give up!"

Weakest attribute (needs improvement): "Taking a week off when needed/Rowing/Muscle ups"

Best life advice/quote: "To get real results don't cheat/lie to yourself, and always bug the trainers to help better yourself!"

Weight loss or performance goals and progress: "To be as lean and shredded as possible. Progress show visually, and in my PR's and WOD times, but, I won't be happy until I can be the best that I can be. 5% body fat lol."

New goals since starting CrossFit: "Completing Culinary school and living the healthiest life possible."

Favorite Lift: Deadlift/Bench

Profession: Manager of private practice physician offices

Children: None