March 29 - CrossFit Estero

Food: Grilled skirt steak and some sweet potato fries.  Pure Paleo Bliss!

1. Follow this link to sign up for classes: CLICK HERE

Elite members WOD:

Body Temp Warmup:

250m Row -250m Run - 150 Jump Rope skips

Dynamic Range of Motion:

Coach's Choice


15 minutes of Muscle up transitions, Ring pullups, Dips, Support holds,


9-7-5 rep rounds of:

Back Squat + Good Morning + Rack Jerk/press (1 rep) 

Power Snatch *95/65 *If bodyweight is 175 or greater male weight is #135

CrossFit Football with Jeremy Howard @ 7pm Monday-Thursday

Strength: Power Clean: 1x5@75%, 1x3@85%, 2x3@90%; Clean Extensions: 5x3 Heavy

Skill: 5 min POSE Running Form

WOD: For Time: 200 Situps ::THEN:: 100 Double Unders

"Everyone has the desire to win, but only champions have the desire to prepare."

-Author Unknown