Member of Month March 2012 - Melina Ramirez

Congrats to Mel for earning Member of Month March 2012 - Mel is a super-hard-worker and has lost 60lbs overall since starting at the gym! Amazing results.  We had to up her calorie and carb intake because she was losing too much weight at one point...very dedicated to her diet and lifestyle.  She is an excellent example of what can be done with a little self-control and hard work.  Great job Mel! Be sure to go extra hard on Mel's WOD today!!

Birthday: 8/31/1990 - Sacramento, California

Months/Years doing CrossFit: 7 months

Favorite WOD:"Fun Run"

Least Favorite WOD: :"Elizabeth"

Favorite Movie: "Old School"

Favorite Food: "Spaghetti (paleo of course)"

Best Fitness Tip/Advice: "Don't doubt are your biggest competitor"

Strongest attribute:  Flexability

Weakest attribute (needs improvement): Anything overhead

Best life advice/quote: "The faster you do it the faster you're done"

'Weight loss or performance goals and progress: Lost 60lbs overall

New goals since starting CrossFit: Perfect push-ups and handstands

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Profession: Receptionist

Children:  None

Friday April 20th - CrossFit Estero


Deadlift - 1×20 – Goal is to pick a weight and complete 20 reps for 1 set.  Weight should be moderate…60% or more.


"Melina Ramirez"  

4 Rounds each for max effort of:

Row 500m


Split into groups.  5 on rowers rest doing burpees.  Burpee'ers must do burpees until all rowers are completed.  Rowers row for max effort and take time.  Switch.  Rest 1 minute between 1 full revolution. 

1. Follow this link to sign up for classes: CLICK HERE