November - Jeff Cook

Jeff has been spotted doing multiple classes in one day!  He is consistent, works hard, and never complains! Congrats on all the results Jeff!Birthday: Dec 18, 1988

Months/Years doing CrossFit: 5 months

Favorite WOD: Any WOD with pullups

Least Favorite WOD: Anything with handstand push ups

Favorite Movie: "Best in show" or "Seven" or "Mean Girls"

Favorite Food: "Chicken Tikka Masala or Hot Basil Beef"

Best Fitness Tip/Advice: "Dont Eat That!" -Brian Kinslow

Strongest attribute: Fashion? YEAH!

Weakest attribute (needs improvement): Anything Overhead

Best life advice/quote: "Some people want to see you go far...others just want to see you go" 

'Weight loss or performance goals and progress: Bigger arms and better muscle ups

New goals since starting CrossFit: Better diet/lifestyle

Favorite Lift: Deadlift or bench press

Profession: Sales

Children:  None but how cute would they be?!