Tuesday - August 7 - CrossFit Estero

Roasted whole chicken...very simple yet sooo good

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Elite WOD

Strength: 5 min EMOM 3xPower Position Squat Cleans+1 Jerk @ 65%  *Power Position is knees slightly bent, hips slightly back, shoulders over bar, this is just before a high hang position*

Skill: 5 min False-Grip Ring Pullup work

Conditioning: Heavy Diane 12-9-6  For Time: Deadlifts (RTG: 315/220, Vet:275/195, RX:255/180 ), Wall Walks *NOTE if scaled the exercises need to be a heavier/harder scale than normally done, in order to get better

Basic WOD

Skill: Power Snatch - Build to Medium weight in groups and perform sets of 2 at a time

Skill 2: Rest

Conditioning: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of: Situp, Burpee, Air Squat with jump at top

CrossFit Football WOD

Strength: 12 Eccentric focus Low-Bar Back Squats (10 seconds down, 1 second pause, 1 second up) @ 65%

Skill: 4x 3 Cone Drill

Conditioning: 12 min EMOM: 3x Power Cleans (135/95), ME Burpees  * Score is Burpees