Wednesday - August 1 - CrossFit Estero

omega 3 eggs fried in red palm oil topped with some blue cheese and serrano ham. Presentation is very important.  Start looking at how your plate is constructed and remember to add garnishes and fresh ingredients.  Some sea salt here or a drizzle of olive oil there can go a long way

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Elite WOD

Strength: 3x5 Weighted Pullups @ 75%, 1xME Strict Ring Dips (no Kip)

Skill: 5 min Double under work

Conditioning: 3x3 min AMRAP (1 min rest between each AMRAP): 3 Deadlifts (RTG: 275/195, Vet: 225/160, RX: 185/130), 6 Box Jumps (24/18), 9 Ab Mat Situps

Basic WOD

Skill: Heavy Deadlifts - Perform sets of 3x starting light and building to medium/heavy weights. Progressively load with PERFECT form only

Skill 2: Band kip work (setup for wod)

Conditioning: "Fran"  Basic: 21-15-9 reps of: Thruster, Pull-up  *Basic RX weight is full size male/female oly bar with technique plates.  All else is scaled.  Jumping pull-ups sub is 2 to 1 OR use bands

CrossFit Football WOD

Strength: 9 Front Squats @ 75%

Skill:30 Burpees For Time

Conditioning: 75 Split Jumps,75 Wall Ball (20/16) For Time