Wednesday - August 8 - CrossFit Estero

Oven baked sweet potato fries...make these...often...really

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Elite WOD

Strength: 4min EMOM 2x Weighted Pullups @ 80%

Skill: NA

Conditioning: "Combat Out-Post Keating" 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 For Time: Front Squats (95/65), Burpees, ** Each Round Starts with a 400m Run    NOTE: This is to be treated as a Hero WOD, COP Keating was a base that was overran in 2009 in Afghanistan by 300 Anti-Afghany Forces (AAF) militants, 8 American Warfighters were killed that day and 22 Wounded

Basic WOD

Skill: Split Jerk - Build to Medium weight in groups and perform sets of 2 at a time

Skill 2:  NA

Conditioning:  21-15-9 reps of: One arm Dumbbell Overhead Stepping lunge, Dumbbell Burpee (dumbbell overhead at top) *Use only 1 dumbbell for each movement

CrossFit Football WOD

Strength: 4 sets of 3x 3-Position Bench Press @ 65%, 3x3 Floor Press @ 105% of Bench Press

Skill: 3x 25yd Band Sprints

Conditioning: 10x 50m Sprints *rest 45 sec between attempts