Nutrition Tips

EAT REAL FOOD - COOK AT HOME:  Cook ahead for the week.  Always make extra at meals and save leftovers.  Buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.

DON'T EAT PROCESSED FOODS:Processed food is food that comes in a package and has multiple ingredients. 

DON'T EAT OUT: Restaurants use processed oils, sauces, ingredients, meats, low quality veggies, processed sugar and salt.

AVOID SUGAR AT ALL COSTS: Sugar is in everything.  Test your sugar intake. Spend one day tracking entire sugar intake. Use and input all of your food for one day. Many of you will be consuming 50-75+ or more grams of sugar a day. A healthy goal should be under 20g a day total.

DON'T EAT GRAINS, LEGUMES, LENTILS, BEANS:Avoid bread, beans, white rice/potato, lentils, legumes.  Most of these are guy irritants as well as being extremely carbohydrate dense and promote fat gain and overall deterioration of health.

You will never be truly healthy until you clean up your diet. Health and body composition are not correlated; If you are lean or muscular you may still be unhealthy (many into fitness are very unhealthy).  Don't think for a second that low bf % means anything about your health.  Modern disease affects those regardless of weight or fitness levels.  The single Most important aspect of overall health is food choices. Number 2 is stress levels. Number 3 is sleep.  These big 3 promote health and longevity as well as help lose weight and attain peak physical condition.  

Recommend Food and Supplements

Wild Whey Grass-Fed Whey protein by Wild Foods

Wild MCT Oil by Wild Foods - Wild

High-Performance, Ultra-Premium, Organic, Fair Trade Wild Coffee - Wild

Wild Metabolism Tea Stack by Wild Foods - Wild

5-8g per day High Quality Fish Oil -Carlson Fish Oil

10k IU per day - Vitamin D - Vitamin D

Green Tea Extract - Green Tea Extract


Magnesium -Natural Calm

Cinnamon -Cinnamon


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