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Many gym pop up and come and go but we have been here since 2009 endured the ups and downs and are in this for long haul which means you can fully invest in us and your health without worry of it one day dissapearing


With it being a new year and all, and I know we will all be struggling with trying to write 15 over 14, I wanted to share with you a discovery we as the Coaches and Staff made the other day with regard to the value of what you as members of our facility receive over the value of membership to other facilities. So now, in no particular order, here are the reasons why we believe our facility offers the best value over others. If you have any to add or thoughts on the matter please feel free to post them

1) The most highly qualified Coaching Staff of any facility in the area. Aside from the sheer fact that we currently have 4 CrossFit Level 2 Trainers, almost all of our staff has gone or is currently going beyond the Level 1 Trainer (entry level) credentials. Myself, aside from being a Level 2 Trainer, I hold over 14 credentials in fitness including 2 of the 3 top tier Nationally Accredited Personal Training Certifications on the market, Walter attended an Associates in Personal Training program based off of the American Council on Exercise's guidelines (another Nationally Accredited Personal Training Certification) and is a very experienced competitor, Tim, one of our Level 2 Trainers, has obtained the CrossFit Gymnastics Credential and is an extremely experienced competitor, BothKevin and Desiree are some of our Level 2 Trainers and are currently pursuing their National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer credential (a top tier Nationally Accredited Personal Training credential). Further, and this is the big one that shows the value of what we offer our Administrative Manager, Ally holds higher fitness credentials than most Coaches at other local facilities, she holds her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, the American Council on Exercise Group Fitness credential (Nationally Accredited) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer credential (Nationally Accredited).

The reason so many of our staff hold Nationally Accredited certifications by the NCCA is because holding a fitness credential through this third party organization states that the NCCA recognizes these credentials as meeting the requirements ot work in the field. There are many other (~400+) fitness credentials on the market today, but only 30 or so are Nationally Accredited which should show you the value of holding these. The knowledge required to obtain these credentials helps to make our Coaches better by teaching them what is going on in the body and how they can harness that knowledge to help you make gains and improve.

2) We as Coaches and Staff care so much about keeping you injury free that we work with a local Athletic Trainer (a licensed healthcare professional that specializes in Prevention of Injury, Handling Injury, and Rehabilitation of Injury) to provide you Mobility Clinics regularly. Further, we constantly re-evaluate our programming to ensure we are targeting the proper goals and in the correct phase of the Macrocycle. We continuously re-evaluate our equipment to ensure there is nothing dangerous on the floor and that it is in good working order to keep you safe. Finally, there is even a Weekend Performance Discussion to help keep you, the Athlete, as educated as you can be on what we are doing and how to best stay at the top of your game.

3) Our Coaches and Staff truly care about our Athletes. In the military we have a saying, "Deeds not words" so I will not try to tell you how we care, I will let your own experience as Athletes amongst our coaches speak for this. We are not like other Boxes, while your membership does help pay our bills, we do not see you as big dollar signs wearing Under Armour and Reeebok, we truly see you as Athletes who want to improve and become the best possible Athlete they can, no matter if you are a Basic Athlete or a Performance Athlete! So, we will always treat you as an Athlete.

Off the top of my head these are the three biggest things I can tell you that helps show the value of our facility and our Coaches/Staff. I hope that many of you can add to this list of things you value from your membership to our facility and to our Box. Take care! 3... 2... 1... GO!!!

-Coach Jeremy