Why Crossfit Estero?


Our mission

Crossfit as a sport prides itself on its ability to adapt and overcome changing environments and as new information presents itself.

Since day one it has been our priority to constantly change with the changing fitness landscape and evolving client needs.

What sets us apart from other gyms is every day we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and try to make decisions that will serve their needs and keep them happy day in and out while getting fit in the process!


Our team

Head coach Marcus Watts, a former professional basketball player and founder of Crossfit Lawless. He took a brand-new gym and group of athletes to the 97th percentile of all Crossfit teams in the world in less than a two year period. 

Trainers always talk about their passion for fitness and helping other but few embody it like Marcus. In addition to his the prowess of developing elite competition athletes he works tirelessly with kids programs and non-profits.In the past year alone Marcus has partnered on over 10 such foundations including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Oh yeah we almost forgot to mention he also trains several pro basketball prospects, the Fort Myers Swat team, and the local professional rugby team. He leads the rest of our team below to aspire for excellence in all aspects of their lives personally and professionally.



Darren Simpson, consultant and partner at Crossfit Estero is the founder of Reebok Fifth Avenue in New York and currently running Garden State Park Crossfit's two locations.

Derek Anderson and Haley Hirsch both started off as dedicated members at the gym and while attending college decided they wanted to pursue a career changing lives with fitness.

Jason Ackerman is one of a handful of CrossFit level 4 trainers in the country and most weekends he can be found hosting seminars for perspective gym owners and trainers proper

Katrina, Desiree, and Kevin round out the rest of the team and all have their own respective long list of accolades and achievements. 

But the one thing that unites all coaches at Crossfit Estero is the driving will to improve the life of every person they come in contact with. So many coaches have come and gone since we opened our doors in the last eight years but only the ones with our shared vision for constant improvement still remain. 



At 7000 ft. of usable functional space and Crossfit Estero is one of the largest facilities in Southwest Florida and the perfect place for hosting events and running a myriad of programs that help everyone reach their individual goals

CrossFit gyms are often known for being dirty or unsanitary but we take cleanliness seriously here and we employed additional staff for mutiple thorough cleanings a week. In addition to the regular commitment from staff and owners. 



It's not a coincidence that we've been blessed with the largest community of like-minded people doing CrossFit in all of Southwest Florida. 

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